Dance Studio

If you are a parent looking for a dance school that is unique yet successful, contact Wilson School of Dance.

Dance Studio

Dance Studio | Wilson School of Dance - Charlottesville, VA

Starting out children on the basics of dance, our dance studio is where your little one can thrive and become the dance star they and you have always wanted them to be. At our dance studio, we are proud to have many of our students go on to be great dancers due to their well-rounded foundation in dance.

Whether you want to see your little one excel in hip-hop or tap, we often use ballet as a way to teach them the grace and technique, which is useful in a variety of dances. We don’t only focus on ballet though and encourage fun dances that offer them a chance to have freedom to express themselves.

Our dance studio facilities are designed to meet each classes’ needs with plenty of space and are aesthetically pleasing. We know that surroundings are important in learning and it goes for dance as well. We want your child to feel happy and inspired to be here and our staff, our facilities and our classes at our dance studio, are proof of this.

Wilson School of Dance offers our students the blessing of being able to dance on specially designed floors to limit injuries and pains caused by hard floors that are not suitable for dancing. Our dance studio also orders custom-made costumes and outfits for our end of the year recital so that you as a parent don’t have to go through the pain of trying to make or come up with one.

Committed to our students in Charlottesville, VA, we hope to always bring out the best of each and every one of our students and are happy when we see them excel. Contact us today to find out more!

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